Use regular Lipton Green tea bags to aid your weightloss

Shed weight!

Green tea is a well known catalyst for weight loss and has several other health benefits. The antioxidant that is the most helpful with shedding weight is epigallocatechin gallate also known as EGCG witch is found in green tea. This antioxidant will help to boost your metabolism.

What kind of green tea is best to use?

If it is weight loss that is your main goal then you should definitely stay away from sweetened teas and try to avoid to many unnatural preservatives. There are many good brands and a common one that will meet your requirement is Lipton.

How to prepare a good cup of tea?liptontea

It is the most simple thing in the world. Just bring water to an almost boiled, around 90 degrees celsius and then let a tea bag simmer for two to four minutes before you squeeze the bag and get last flavor out of it.

If you enjoy a stronger cup of tea then you can save a used tea bag and use it in your next boil together with a new one. This will give you a slightly stronger tea and a higher concentration of the good antioxidant and also reap more of the help benefits.

Lipton green tea and other tea brands are widely available in grocery stores world wide. It is also possible to order them online at the convenience of your home.

How much should green tea should one drink?

To get the desired effect most recommends two to four cups a day. Stay away from sweeteners such as sugar or honey. Make it a good habit to sit down and relax with a nice cup of tea. If you feel like that is to much tea for you to drink everyday there are some green tea extracts on the market that is very concentrated that you can mix with just one glass of water and get the same benefits as with tea.

Good luck, enjoy your lipton green tea and carry on.

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