How to make green tea ice cream

Green tea ice cream can be defined as the type of ice cream which is made from the different types of green tea powder which is usually from maccha or matcha.

Some facts about Green tea ice cream

Ice cream is one dish which is enjoyed by almost all people all over the world regardless of age, sex and racial diversity. The green tea ice cream recipe is originally from Japan where it is very popular among the people. The Japanese ice cream market distributors divide the market which is based upon the different varieties of the green tea ice cream on the specific type of the green tea leaf from which it is made.

The green tea ice cream is one dish which was introduced to the Americans with the other Japanese dishes like sushi etc. For the health-conscious people, it has become a delicious creation and a fantastic alternative to the traditional ice cream. But it is not widely available in American Market, so these people like to create the green tea ice cream themselves at their home.

green tea ice cream

For making the green tea ice cream, you will require many traditional ice cream ingredients including sugar, water and the egg yolks. The other traditional ice cream ingredients like milk and the cream are also included in the recipe of the green tea ice cream. But, the main ingredient is the tea powder, which is usually derived from the matcha or maccha tea.

As the maccha or matcha tea powder is the main ingredient of the green tea ice cream, it gives the ice cream its beautiful green color and its name. In the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, maccha or matcha tea is the most common element and it is found in almost all Japanese households. Green tea ice cream is mostly prepared first by cooking all the ingredients and after that freezing them in the refrigerator.

Recipe for making green tea ice cream

If you love this ice cream and would like to make it yourself, at your home here is the recipe –


Water – 1/3 cup

Sugar – 1/3 cup

Powdered Green Tea – 2 teaspoons

Heavy cream – 1 cup

Light Cream – 1 cup


Combine the sugar and the water in a saucepan. Now you have to cook it over the low heat and stir constantly till the sugar melts. Then you have to let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes. After that, take a bowl and mix the powdered green tea with the 1 teaspoon of the sugar water. Add this green tea mixture in the saucepan and stir it again till it completely mixed. Now add the light cream and the heavy cream and stir the mixture till it is completely mixed. After that, pour this mixture into the ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

The green tea ice cream is delicious as well as very popular among the modern health-conscious people all over the world.